2018 International contest-festival DANCING WORLD
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Международная конкурсно-фестивальная программа Санкт-Петербурга «Вдохновение» 


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2018 International contest-festival DANCING WORLD




IV International Competition of Choreography Art


St. Petersburg - 7-10 May 2018

Concert Hall, Hotel "Saint Petersburg", Pirogovskaya naberezhnaia. 5 / 2


Deadline: Applications to be submitted by e-mail until 1May 2018.

Entry submissions are free of charge.
If you want to send an application or you have any questions - do not hesitate and send your letters
We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible!
E-mail: spb@vivat-talent.com
Website: www.vivat-talent.com
Organizer’s contact phone numbers :
т/ф +7(963)318-57-02.

Organizers:"The international cultural project "Inspiration. Vivat-talent"
Supported by:"Saint-Peterburg foundation for culture and arts"

Schedule of the contest-festival:
7 may - 3 p.m. - check in
8-9 may - competition-festival days.
10 may - 


Organizers:"The international cultural project "Inspiration. Vivat-talent"
Supported by:"Saint-Peterburg foundation for culture and arts"

Goals and Objectives of the Festival:

- Creating the conditions for creative self-expression for children and young people, their self-realization by means of choreography;
- Involving the general public, the media in this area of youth culture. Presentation of different genres of choreographic art. Increasing the - level of artistic repertoire and performance skills groups. Expansion of relations and exchange of experience between choreographic collectives - the participants.

Nominations of the festival-contest:
- Classical dance and stylization
- Folk dance and stylization
- Ballroom dancing
- Contemporary choreography: dance pop, modern, free plastic, etc.
- Children's dance, rhythmic gymnastics and
- Dance sport different directions
- Youth trends: hip-hop, tectonics, krumping, Jump Style, shuffle, etc.
- Photo exhibition "Dancing World" (photographs devoted to the world of dance)
- Exhibition of paintings, drawings and decorative arts (dance themes)
- Symphony orchestras: the repertoire of ballets, musicals.

Age categories and nominations:
• "Children's preparations", up to 7 years
• "Children - I" -8 -9 years
• "Children - II" - 10 - 12 years
• "Youth-I" - 13 - 15 years
• "Youth - II" - 16 - 18
• "Youth" - 19 - 29 years
• "Seniors" - 30 years
• Mixed category

Participants of all nominations can perform competitive program with a live music or have a (-) sound track on the MD, CD.
Program must meet the age of the performer.

Speaking time for solos, duets and ensembles - to 6 minutes, with start and the end(preparations)(1-2 rooms)
The jury is formed and approved by the organizing committee of the festivalof the leading cultural figures, educators and creative university-graduates, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, the leaders of model ensembles. A list of the jury was not disclosed before the festival.
The jury's decision is not contested.



All participants are awarded in each category and the category title of "Winner» I, II and III level, "Winner» I, II and III level, "Participant" with the award of diplomas and memorable prizes.
Teachers, managers and accompanists jury awarded diplomas to prove their professional skills. May award special prizes: "For the best arrangement," "The Best choreography work," "for the best pedagogical work," etc.

Fees and Charges:

Festival Package "Standard" - 10800 Rub (160 euro)
Visa support

4 days/3 nights stay at hotels:

"St Petersburg"***(BB, including breakfast)/"Holiday Inn"****(BB, including breakfast)

Festival-contest registration fee


These can be provided additionally full programm of transfers and excursions:
1 day Excursion + Shuttle package from hotel: 1400 rub/20euro/person.
Transfers ( railway station/airport – hotel - railway station/airport )
Additional days in hotel  3000 rub/45 euro/person (BB, including breakfast)